Eleven Pieces by Yoko Ono

1. Smile Piece

Send a smile to your friend so he/she could smile, too. Think of a way to do it. You could send a photo that says "smile," or a picture, a story, or a piece of pie, but specify that it's a smile you're passing on. Ask him/her to do the same: to pass on the "smile" in his/her own way.

2. Ownership Piece

There is no ownership in beauty.

Think of a beautiful thing you own.

See if you could stop others from appreciating its beauty.

Think of a beautiful thing you don't own.

See if you could still appreciate its beauty.

3. Cleaning Piece

Spiritual Fanaticism Breeds Physical Terrorism.

Terrorism starts at home. I know a person who believed in cleaning his body by just eating brown rice. After ten years or so of this, he became like a grain of brown rice himself - small and dry. He terrorized his body.

Write down terrorist acts committed to oneself and others in your environment - each act on a separate paper. Burn each paper on a clear day.

4. Ocean Piece

Listen to the ocean inside your body.

5. Promise Piece

This is a piece of sky.

Hold On to it.

One day, we will come together and put the sky back into one piece.

6. Life Piece

Give wings to things around you so they can fly.

Give weight to things around you so they may stay.

Give love to things around you so they will grow.

7. Question Piece

1. Is the human race in its embryonic stage or on its death bed?

2. Was Mary Todd Lincoln really "delusional" in her later years, or did she "know too much"?

3. Were Adam and Eve social outcasts from another planet?

8. Growth Piece

The world is divided into Peace Industry and War Industry. Unless Peace Industry becomes just as viable as War Industry, we will never get rid of wars, which are economically motivated.

Help Peace Industry grow! Send notes of appreciation to silent and courageous participants of Peace Industry: parents, teachers, farmers, artists, mom and pop shops, etc. Give us their names.

9. Connection Piece

Your feet are your physical connection to this planet.

Give attention to your feet.

Clean, brush and massage them.

Make footprints with your feet and hang them on your wall as a portrait of a travelling companion.

10. Moonlight Piece

Send the moonlight to a friend.

11. Wish Piece

Write down your wishes on a piece of paper.

Read them after a years time.

Read them after 10 years time.

Read them after 20 years time.